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  • Johan Wasserman
  • Francois Malan
  • Willem Landman


  • Justine Rudman
  • Matti Lubkoll


Sourced by current management- and original team members depending on area of expertise.

Original technology development team

  • Paul Gauché
  • Karel Malan
  • James Larmuth
  • Dr Janto Dreijer
  • Dakalo Mathepe
  • Katli Mabeba
  • Carvin Claasen
  • Dr Johannes P. Kotzé
  • Michael Mouzouris
  • Athi Ntisana
  • Sebastian-James Bode


First registered as Stellenbosch Energy Consulting (Pty) Ltd in 2013, our company was established as South Africa’s first concentrating solar power (CSP) company by founding directors, Professors Paul Gauché, Theo von Backström and Wikus van Niekerk. The name was changed to Stellenergy (Pty) Ltd in 2015. The company was primarily established in order to add commercial value to the high quality solar energy research and technology development conducted at Stellenbosch University, but also to start building a unique South African team of solar- and renewable energy experts in a broader sense.

Since its establishment, the company structure and team has continuously been evolving in order to stay relevant as a relatively young entity in the emerging and dynamic renewable energy field. We embrace every aspect of our team’s history and connections with the founders out of Stellenbosch University while strive towards an increasingly diverse team of talented and visionary individuals.

Company information

We are a registered South African private company (2013/020738/07). Our board of directors consist out of Dr Willem Landman, Francois Malan and Johan Wasserman.

Our shareholders consist out of about 10 of individuals and entities which represent the founding team of the company and/or are currently contributing to the company’s vision.


As we offer services and products within the broader renewable energy ecosystem with several role-players and stakeholders, we highly value relationships and partnerships with such stakeholders. The following entities represent some of our foremost relationships and partnerships:

We also acknowledge and appreciate the loyalty of the following service providers:

ETSE Electronics: A local team who have been involved in the design and production of Heliopod electronics.
GeoSUN: A Stellenbosch University spin-off providing expert advice on solar resource data.
Lemonade Hub: Media, content and PR experts always on standby.
Nudge Studio: A dedicated design and photography team always ready to help out.
Skyhook : Proving aerial photography using drones with a continued interest in CSP.